Meet the Team

Russ Randall- Experience is Russ's strength.  Starting in 1968 as a delivery driver for a local parts store, he quickly advanced to counterman and manager before opening APP in 1989.  He personally enjoys collector car restoration, has private experience with most of the auto body products carried in his business.  Personal satisfaction determines the lines of goods stocked within Auto Paint & Parts.

Charlene Fenelon -  Organization and bookkeeping experience are Charlene's strong suites.  Coupled with her up-beat personality, she keeps the business end of things moving forward, while always being ready to assist customers.

Ron Randall -  Being part of our team is a career change for Ron.  He has years of farm, auto body, mechanical, and electrical experience. Ask him your questions and he will either know or find your answers.  He is traveling the out of town routes on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and can be found either in the store or around town the rest of the week.

Brandon Smith - The LC Valley called Brandon back "home" with his family.  Eager and willing to work and assist in any area, Brandon is currently spending most of his time doing support work in the warehouse and running deliveries. He is amazing at custom matching paint colors.